Index of My Blog Posts at Johns Hopkins

GlobePenNotebookHere are links to the posts on the Globalizing Healthcare blog, “From Baltimore to Beijing,”  I wrote during my final three years as CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine International:


A first post

The hype around medical tourism

A UAE hospital takes cancer screening on the road

Training healthcare workers overseas

What makes a hospital beautiful?

A healthcare haven for Iraqi children

Twitter and globalized healthcare

The joys and perils of publication

Why healthcare needs more noise

A higher-level role for women in global healthcare

A growing market for globalized healthcare

An international take on the obesity epidemic

The role of accreditation in healthcare globalization

Chasing long-term, not short-term, healthcare ROI

Healthcare collaboration with an island

Global healthcare partners need more than binders

In globalizing healthcare, it’s about the people

The critical role of nursing around the world

An ambitious primary-care project in India

A meeting of global healthcare partners, part 1

A meeting of global healthcare partners, part 2

Obamacare and primary care, part 1

Obamacare and primary care, part 2


Considering the future of healthcare

The growing employment opportunities in global healthcare

When less treatment is more

Incentivizing patients to care about costs

Profit isn’t the enemy of good healthcare

A groundbreaking partnership in Peru

Friendly competition in globalized healthcare

Forging ties in China

The global role of clinician training

Should patients be paid for healthy behaviors?

Why the US healthcare system is still globally envied

The promise of mobile health technology

Why healthcare value isn’t the same as pricing

The growing global interdependence in healthcare

Strengthening investment in globalized healthcare

New approaches to teaching patient safety

No, unsafe healthcare doesn’t lead to higher profits

Are we overemphasizing price in healthcare?

The best healthcare solutions are local ones

The real promise of big data

A global shortage of surgeons

The ups and downs of hospital rankings

A strategic plan embraces healthcare globalization

Misusing global healthcare comparisons

What you hear in every hospital boardroom

Should hospitals advertise?

Yes, healthcare is a business–but a unique one

A new partnership in Brazil

The role of employers in wellness

Convening healthcare leaders from around the world

First partnership steps in Africa

Does technology drive health care costs?

The ins and outs of physician blogging

A conspicuous lack of global health care data

What inspires improvement?

Applying the profit motive in globalized healthcare


Disparities in global cancer care

Is single-payer the answer?

Why capacitance matters

A unique healthcare collaboration kicks off

Reaffirming globalized healthcare in the strategy

How corruption holds back globalization of healthcare

The jellyfish model of health care

Nursing heroes

Medical tourism redux

Empathy and globalized healthcare

A Colombian hospital calls for communitarianism

Will global healthcare lead to over-medicalization?

A slowdown in healthcare spending? Not globally

The future of healthcare globalization

Patients need training, too

Leadership in globalized healthcare

Moving on


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